It is often difficult for buyers to see themselves living in the properties they view. Paint color, wallpaper, furnishings and clutter can distract the buyer from the home’s real value. Emotions provoked by décor they don’t like often turn them away from otherwise good buys.

Homeowners, on the other hand, are so used to living in their surroundings that they have no idea how the property looks to new eyes. They may not notice their own clutter, the stained sofa or the cracks in the plaster. What the homeowner considers a small distraction may become a glaring defect that will dissuade a buyer from that home.

As professional stagers we work to neutralize the seller’s home to maximize the potential buyer’s viewing. By giving a lived-in home a “model home” appearance and allowing the best features of the property to shine, we help the buyer make an emotional connection to the property¬—to visualize the house as their new home.