"Recently I was asked to list for sale a wonderful house, but everything was out of order. It was very difficult to see where one room began and another started. Rooms did not have purpose other than to hold furniture. As a realtor I have the job of marketing properties for all people to enjoy and consider purchasing, but this house was too specific. We called in Amy Karatz to assist us with setting the stage. With an easy going personality, a sharp eye for detail and very direct communication she worked with the homeowners to define their space. The process began as a negotiation about room usage and the collections of belongings but eventually turned to defining a sense of organization for my client's lives. My clients now have order and organization in their life, thanks to Amy's artful staging. Staging a house is not usually how a person lives in a home but setting the house so that it can sell. However, I believe that Amy has taught my clients many new strategies of how to live their hectic lives in their home with order. Thank you Amy for a job well done!"